Location: Village of Escaya, Chula Vista, CA

The Escaya Self-Storage project is located in Village of Escaya, a 23,000 acre village development in Chula Vista. The residents of Village of Escaya are held to CC&R’s that limit the use of their garages to strictly vehicle storage, resulting in a need for a Self-Storage facility.

For this project, the Magellan Team took careful note of the project’s surroundings, including the exterior facades of the residential and community buildings. The inspiration taken from these buildings was seamlessly incorporated into the design decisions for Escaya Self-Storage. This unique approach to self-storage design resulted in a building that is not your typical self-storage facility.

“I wanted to thank you for everything that you did for us, and making the design, approvals, and construction almost easy. A beautiful building design by Magellan. I look forward to taking this team and repeating the effort on another project in the future.”

—Steve Levenson, Vice President, Development
Homefed Corporation